Fitness and Nutrition – The Only Advice You Need, in 100 Words

I’m a regular schmuck, but I’ve been doing lots of research and experimentation in fitness and nutrition over the past few years. Here is my advice for 2017:


  1. Nutrition is top priority. Reduce sugar. Cut processed foods. Eat vegetables.
  2. There are no shortcuts. 95% of health is eating whole foods and exercising. Powders, supplements, teas, and pyramid schemes are not worth your money.
  3. Starting to exercise? TAKE IT SLOW. Don’t overdo it or you’ll never exercise again. It takes time.
  4. Everyone (including women) should do weight/resistance training. Muscle burns more calories and makes you look goooooood.

I'm Tom. I'm a <a href="">software engineer </a>at <a href="">Redox</a>. I live in <a href="">Madison</a>, Wisconsin, and I try to <a href="">travel</a> for at least 1 month per year. Recently I've gotten back into making videos, and I love cooking. I've worked many places, mostly startups. Here, I write about the things I've learned. Follow me on <a href="">Instagram</a>.

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