Botox Injection Gone Very Wrong

A few nights ago, I made the mistake of trying to upgrade the firmware on my Sony a6000 mirrorless camera. I love that camera, even though it has a few flaws. And when it temporarily flatlined on me, I felt like a doctor who had killed a patient during a routine botox injection.

Sony, why would you make such nice cameras, and then pay absolutely no attention to the quality of the accompanying software? After some searching, I found that the update software running on my Mac was so unstable that it failed when I changed windows during the update. I tried CPR by redoing the update (even though the camera was not turning on). It took a couple more tries, but the camera eventually started breathing on its own again. Phew.

Fuck you, Sony.


*Flatlining in this situation was the Sony a6000 not turning on except a red light near the battery after firmware update.

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