My Summer of Bluemix (and its only use case)

I spent several months in 2016 analyzing the viability of Bluemix, IBM’s competitor to Amazon Web Services (AWS). There is only one use case where using Bluemix makes sense.

Bluemix is an IBM product. Unless your company is a massive IT organization that has existed since before 2000, you don’t want IBM.

Bluemix tries to compete with AWS, but AWS had an 8-year head start. There is no catching up. AWS is better at everything, as long as you’re building something new. Startups, small companies, college students: stick to AWS. 

However, if you work for a massive company that already has IBM products in your datacenter, Bluemix is for you. Get that shit out of your datacenter and let IBM manage it. Bluemix takes care of all that infrastructure overhead and lets you focus on progressing rather than maintaining.

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